Pop Music Quiz

By Claire

These pop quiz questions and answers are divided into four different rounds of fifteen questions each. You can reveal the correct answer with the push of a button. Have fun!

Pop Music Quiz Questions and Answers Round 1: Albums

1. Who recorded Rubber Soul?

The Beatles

2. What goes after What’s the Story in the title of Oasis’s album?

“Morning Glory”

3. Which Phil recorded No Jacket Required?


4. Who recorded “The Dark Side of the Moon”?

Pink Floyd

5. Which Rod had six consecutive No. 1 albums in the 70s?


6. Who recorded “Purple Rain”?


7. Which group had a Night at the Opera and A Day at the Races?


8. Who recorded “Blue Hawaii”?

Elvis Presley

9. Paul McCarney was in which group for Band on the Run?


10. Who called their greatest hits album End of Part One?

Wet Wet Wet

11. Which legendary guitarist recorded “From the Cradle”?

Eric Clapton

12. Who recorded Off the Wall?

Michael Jackson

13. Mike Oldfield presented what type of “Bells”?


14. Who recorded “The Colour of My Love”?

Celine Dion

15. The Breakthrough is the seventh album by which artist?

Mary J. Blige

Round 2: Pop Divas

16. Which Spice Girl advertised Milky Bars as a child?

Emma (Baby Spice)

17. Was Billie Piper 10, 15 or 20 when she first went to No. 1?


18. Which Tina sang the title song from “Whistle Down the Wind”?

Tina Arena

19. Who put her famous Union Jack dress up for auction?

Geri Halliwell

20. Who had a No. 1 single with “Toxic”?

Britney Spears

21. How many girls made up N-Tyce?


22. Janet and La Toyah are from which famous family?


23. What is the first name of the Welsh singer from Catatonia?


24. Whose album “Always and Forever” gives a clue to their name?


25. Which ’60s singer’s first hit was written by the Rolling Stones?

Marianne Faithfull

26. Heather Small found fame with which band?

M People

27. What is the surname of sisters Kylie and Dannii?


28. Who made the big-selling album “J. LO”?

Jennifer Lopez

29. Whose third No. 1 was titled “Day & Night”?

Billie Piper

30. Where do Scary Spice and Princess Anne’s daughter have a stud?


Pop Quiz Round 3: Pop Charts

31. Whose first chart success was “Your Song”?

Elton John

32. Which David has charted with both Bing Crosby and Mick Jagger?


33. Which Frank Sinatra hit has charted on more than ten occasions?

“My Way”

34. “The Show”, “No Good Advice” and “Biology” are singles by which Popstars?

Girls Aloud

35. Which Rod has had over 50 chart hits?


36. “Swear it Again” was which record-breaking boy band’s debut single?


37. “Red Red Wine” was the first No. 1 for which group?


38. Dido’s song “Thank You” was sampled by which rapper on his song “Stan”?


39. In the 80s, which Paul first charted with “Wherever I Lay My Hat”?


40. Where in London did the Kinks watch the Sunset?


41. Which song was No. 1 for Jimmy Young and Robson and Jerome?

“Unchained Melody”

42. Who were Alone in the charts, 30 years after their first hit?

Bee Gees

43. Which New Kids had seven singles on the charts in 1990?

On the Block

44. “Work It” and “Get Ur Freak On” are singles by which artist?

Missy Elliot

45. “Independent Women Part 1” was the first No. 1 single for which group?

Destiny’s Child


Round 4: Pop No. 1s

46. “Sound of the Underground” was the first No. 1 for which group?

Girls Aloud

47. Four Weddings and a Funeral made which song a No. 1?

“Love is All Around”

48. In which decade did Elvis have his first UK No. 1?


49. “Where is the Love?” was the first No. 1 for which collective?

Black Eyed Peas

50. Which relative features in a Hollies song title?


51. Which other song was on Robson and Jerome’s “Unchained Melody”?

“White Cliffs of Dover”

52. Whose death gave “Bohemian Rhapsody” a second visit to No. 1?

Freddie Mercury

53. Whom should you bring to the slaughter, according to Iron Maiden?

Your Daughter

54. What was the imaginative title of Mr Blobby’s first No. 1?

“Mr Blobby”

55. Who charted with a song about Heathcliff and Cathy?

Kate Bush

56. Which soccer team were involved in “Come On You Reds”?

Manchester United

57. Who had No. 1s with “Call Me” and “Atomic”?


58. Who sang with Kiki Dee on “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”?

Elton John

59. Which song was a No. 1 for both Nilsson and Mariah Carey?

“Without You”

60. Which English Sir has had No. 1s in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s?

Cliff Richard


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