80s Movie Quiz

By Claire

Step into the 1980s, an era filled with iconic films and cultural shifts. Join us in a nostalgic journey through the silver screen with our 80s movies quiz with answers.

From coming-of-age tales to action-packed blockbusters, this 80s films quiz will test your knowledge of the cinematic gems that defined the decade. So, dust off your shoulder pads and join us in celebrating the movies that left their mark on the ’80s. Ready for the challenge? Let the 80s quiz begin!

80s Movies Quiz: 30 Questions

1. What relation was Danny de Vito to Arnold Schwarzenegger in their 1988 film?


2. Which Bruce starred in Die Hard?


3. Which singer won an Oscar for Moonstruck?


4. Out of which continent were Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in 1985?


5. In which film did Justin Hoffman dress up as a woman to get a job as a soap star?


6. What was Richard Gere in the film with Debra Winger?

An Officer and a Gentleman

7. What does an inventor tell Honey he has shrunk in the 1989 movie?

The Kids

8. What does ET stand for in the 1982 film?

Extra Terrestrial

9. What sort of Attraction was there between Michael Douglas and Glenn Close?


10. Which bored housewife Shirley had an unforgettable Greek holiday?


11. Which disfigured man did John Hurt portray in the 1980 film?

Elephant Man

12. Which film told the story of two athletes in the 1982 Olympics?

Chariots of Fire

13. What is Australian adventurer Mick Dundee’s nickname?


14. Which adventurer Indian was played by Harrison Ford?


15. Which Indian leader was played by Ben Kingsley?


16. What sort of Busters were Dan Aykroyd and Sigourney Weaver?


17. Which composer did Tom Hulse play in Amadeus?


18. Which film with Bob Hoskins is also the name of a painting?

Mona Lisa

19. Which former actor became president of the USA in 1980?

Ronald Reagan

20. What was the Fish called in the 1988 movie?


21. Which Naked film was the first in the series with Leslie Nielsen?

Naked Gun

22. Who played James Bond in For Your Eyes Only?

Roger Moore

23. What Strikes Back in the 1980 film?

The Empire

24. Where was Eddie Murphy a cop in the film series?

Beverly Hills

25. Where was Michael J. Fox Back to in 1985?

The Future

26. The Return of what in 1983 was the sixth film in the Star Wars series?

The Jedi

27. Which US pop superstar starred in Moonwalker?

Michael Jackson

28. Which cartoon rabbit was framed in 1988?


29. Which famous ship did they try to raise in the 1980 film?

The Titanic

30. How many men looked after baby in 1987?


As we dim the lights on our journey through 80s cinema, we hope our quiz brought back fond memories and sparked a renewed appreciation for the cinematic treasures of that vibrant decade.

Whether you aced the 80s film quiz questions or discovered new favourites, the magic of those iconic films continues to resonate. Keep the spirit of the ’80s alive in your cinematic musings, and feel free to revisit these timeless classics.

Until our next reel adventure, may the nostalgia of the 1980s linger in your love for film. Thank you for joining us on this trip down memory lane!

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