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A collection of 100 music quiz questions and answers that are divided into 8 different rounds. Enjoy!

100 Music Quiz Questions and Answers: Round 1 

1. What was Frank Sinatra’s middle name?


2. Who returned to the top of the charts after a 29-year-gap in 2006 with “Thunder in my heart”?

Leo Slayer

3. What was Beethoven’s only opera called?


4. Which pirate radio station first broadcast from a ship in the North Sea on 29 March 1964?

Radio Caroline

5. By what name is Harold Webb better known?

Cliff Richard

6. How did soul singer Otis Redding die?

In a plane crash in 1967

7. Who topped the charts with ‘Black coffee’ in 2000?

All Saints

8. What is the literal meaning of the Japanese word karaoke?

Empty orchestra

9. Who wrote the music for ‘Onward, Christian soldiers’?

Arthur Sullivan

10. Who became Master of the Queen’s Music in 2004?

Peter Maxwell Davies

Round 2: 21st century Rock and Pop

11. Which pop star came to fame as the frontman of the boy band ‘N Sync?

Justin Timberlake

12. Who was named Bestselling Female Vocalist of All Time at the 2000 World Music Awards, and then suffered a complete emotional and physical breakdown?

Mariah Carey

13. Which contemporary pop star has released the albums Let Go, Under my Skin and The Best Damn Thing?

Avril Lavigne

14. Which pop star was born of Portuguese parentage in British Columbia, Canada in 1978?

Nelly Furtado

15. Which member of The Clash died in 2002?

Joe Strummer

16. Which US pop star’s career began with success in the 2002 television talent show American Idol?

Kelly Clarkson

17. Which single featuring a deranged amphibian topped the singles charts early in 2005?

‘Crazy frog’

18. What did the UK charts include from the start of 2007?

Legal downloads from the internet

19. From which British city do the Kaiser Chiefs hail?


20. Whose album released in 2006 became the fastest-selling debut album ever released in the UK?

The Arctic Monkeys (Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not)

Music Quiz Round 3: Pop Music


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21. Who was ‘alone again (naturally)’ in 1972?

Gilbert O’Sullivan

22. Which one of the Bee Gees died in 2003?


23. With which hit did the Verve enter the UK charts at number two in 1997?

‘Bitter sweet symphony’

24. Who had a brand new piece of agricultural equipment in 1976?

The Wurzels (who topped the charts with ‘Combine harvester’)

25. Who wanted you to stand a little further away in 1980?

The Police

26. Who was writing ‘love letters in the sand’ in 1957?

Pat Boone

27. In 1980, the Undertones had a hit with a song about a close relation – was it ‘my perfect sister’, ‘my perfect cousin’ or ‘my perfect brother’?

‘My perfect cousin’

28. Who had hits with ‘Really saying something’, ‘Robert de Niro’s wairing’ and ‘Shy boy’?


29. Who released an album called Blondes Have More Fun?

Rob Stewart

30. What nationality are the pop group Franz Ferdinand?


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Music Questions Round 4: No. 1s

31. Who had Dreams in 1993?


32. Which US state was the title of a Bee Gees No. 1?


33. Which band were Back for Good in 1995?

Take That

34. Which Beatle No. 1 featured the word Yellow in the title?

“Yellow Submarine”

35. “The Winner Takes It All” was yet another No. 1 for which group?


36. Who wrote Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water”?

Paul Simon

37. What type of House did Blur take to the top of the charts?


38. George Michael first hit No. 1 as a member of which duo?


39. Who took “Lily the Pink” to No. 1?


40. Who thought it was fun to stay in the YMCA?

Village People

41. Whose first UK No. 1 was “Apache”?

The Shadows

42. In psychedelic ’67, which old-time dance gave Engelbert Humperdinck a huge hit?


43. Who teamed up with Queen for “Under Pressure”?

David Bowie

44. Who had a No. 1 with “Cotton Eye Joe”?


45. Which singer first made No. 1 with “Livin’ La Vida Loca”?

Ricky Martin

Round 5: Groups


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46. Which all-girl group included Michael Steele?


47. Which country did A-Ha come from?


48. Mike D’Abo and Paul Jones sang with which group?

Manfred Mann

49. “Buck Rogers” was the first top then hit for which band?


50. What was Blondie’s first No. 1?

“Heart of Glass”

51. Who has had hits featuring Duane Eddy, Max Headroom and Tom Jones?

Art of Noise

52. Which 60s group charted with “Tell Me When”?


53. What was the surname of Luke and Matt of Bros?


54. Who were Sarah Dullin, Siobhan Fahey and Keren Woodward?


55. Who was lead singer with Amen Corner?

Andy Fairweather-Low

56. “International Velvet” and “Paper Scissors Stone” are albums by which group?


57. Which group featured Stewart “Woody” Wood?

The Bay City Rollers

58. Which group made records about an Arnold and an Emily?

Pink Floyd

59. Roger McGuinn and David Crosby were in which 60s band?

The Byrds

60. What was Wet Wet Wet’s first No. 1?

“With a Little Help from My Friends”

Round 6: Karaoke

61. Which Grease classic begins “I got chills, they’re multiplyin'”?

“You’re the One that I Want”

62. Which Madonna hit contains the words “Ring, ring ring”?


63. What is the first line of “Nessun Dorma”?

Nessum dorma, nessum dorma

64. What did Tina Turner sing after “Do I love you, my oh my”?

River deep mountain high

65. What follows the Beatles’ “will you still need me, will you still feed me”?

When I’m sixty-four

66. Which song begins “I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes”?

“Love is All Around”

67. In “Candle in the Wind ’98” how are England’s hills described?


68. How many times is “submarine” sung in the chorus of “Yellow Submarine”?


69. Which hit began “Oh my love, my darlin’, I hunger for your touch”?

“Unchained Melody”

70. Which song’s second line is “and so I face the final curtain”?

“My Way”

71. Which song begins “First I was afraid I was petrified”?

“I Will Survive”

72. In which song did Tammy Wynette complain “Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman”?

“Stand by Your Man”

73. Which Slade Xmas hit has the line “Everybody’s having fun”?

“Merry Christmas Everybody”

74. In the “Titanic” song what follows, “Near, far, wherever you are, I believe…”?

That the heart does go on

75. What follows Bryan Adams’ “Everything I do”?

I do it for you

Music Quiz Questions Round 7: Superstars


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76. Which veteran singer’s first No. 1 album was Foreign Affair?

Tina Turner

77. Who included Bono, Paul McCartney and Sting on his 2006 album Duets?

Tony Bennett

78. Who wrote, “I’m a Believer” for The Monkees?

Neil Diamond

79. From which film was Elvis Presley’s 2005 hit “Return to Sender”?

Girls! Girls! Girls!

80. What was Elton John’s first solo hit on his own Rocket label?

“Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word”

81. Which Leo Slayer hit gave the Chrysalis label their first No. 1?

“When I Need You”

82. In which decade did Barbra Streisand first make the UK charts?

The 1960s

83. Which hit was the first to be No. 1 over two separate Christmases?

“Bohemian Rhapsody”

84. Which singer/songwriter penned the lines, “The carpet, too, is moving under you”?

Bob Dylan

85. How many consecutive UK No. 1 hits did the Beatles have?


86. Who duetted with Peter Gabriel on “Games without Frontiers”?

Kate Bush

87. What was Abba’s only No. 1 in the USA?

“Dancing Queen”

88. Which opera does Pavarotti’s anthem “Nessun Dorma” come from?


89. Which of the Gibb brothers wrote their first UK No. 1 “Massachusetts”?

Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb

90. Which David Bowie hit was his fourth UK and second US No. 1 in 1983?

“Let’s Dance”

Round 8: Jazz & Blues

91. What was Louis Amstrong’s nickname?


92. Which 1960s band featured Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page?

The Yardbirds

93. Which singer recorded the When Harry Met Sally soundtrack?

Harry Connick Jnr.

94. In which city were Kenny Ball and his jazzmen at midnight?


95. Which 1920s blues singer recorded “Down Hearted Blues”?

Bessie Smith

96. What was Chris Barber’s only hit single?

“Petite Fleur”

97. Whose quartet famously decided to “Take Five”?

Dave Brubeck

98. What was Jamie Cullum’s breakthrough album?


99. What was John Mayall’s group known as?


100. What instrument did Earl Hines play?


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