90s Music Quiz

By Claire

The 1990s were a wild time for British pop music. The charts were dominated by the Spice Girls and boy bands like Take That, but there was also plenty of other great music coming out that didn’t get much attention. It wasn’t until recently that these underrated 90’s tracks started getting their due. These 90s music quiz questions will take you through that era.

90s Music Quiz Questions and Answers: Round 1

1. What was the other side of Robson and Jerome’s “Up on the Roof”?

I Believe

2. Which Spice Girl hit came first – “Goodbye” or “Too Much”?

Too Much

3. Which two singers joined Rod Stewart on the 1994 hit “All for Love”?

Sting & Bryan Adams

4. What night links Whigfield, Alexander O’Neal and Omar?


5. Who featured on East 17’s No. 2 “If You Ever” in 1996?


6. Which 1995 hit gave Shaggy his second No. 1?


7. Blur were formed in which East Anglian town?


8. What is the title of Amy Winehouse’s second album?

Back to Black

9. Which song title links No. 1s for Mariah Carey and Nilsson?

Without You

10. Which title links the Eurythmics to a 1992 No. 1 for Charles and Eddy?

Would I Lie to You

Round 2

11. Which country did pop/dance act Sash! come from?


12. Which film featured the song that was Whitney Houston’s fourth UK No. 1?

The Bodyguard

13. Which dance/rock act was fronted by Keith Flint?


14. What was Simply Red’s first UK No. 1 in 1995?


15. Who partnered with Mariah Carey on “One Sweet Day”?

Boyz II Men

16. What was EastEnders’ Michelle Gayle’s first hit?

Looking Up

17. What was Curtis Stigers’ first UK Top Ten success?

I Wonder Why

18. Which group held the Christmas single and album top spots in 1996?

Spice Girls

19. Which female name was a No. 4 hit for Suggs in 1996?


20. Whose first two UK No. 1s were “Flava” and “I Feel You”?

Peter Andre

Round 3

21. What was Jamiroquai’s first UK Top Ten hit?

Too Young to Die

22. Which song title gave The Shamen their only No. 1 in 1992?

Ebeneezer Goode

23. Who was the self-styled “Hardest Working Ma in Show Business”?

James Brown

24. “Better the Devil You Know” was a hit for Sonia and which soap star?

Kylie Minogue

25. What was the first UK No. 1 for Celine Dion?

Think Twice

26. What kind of people did R.E.M. take to No. 6 in 1991?

Shiny Happy People

27. What was the one-hit-wonder of the Dutch duo Doop?


28. Whose highest chart position was No. 3 in 1991 with “Promise Me”?

Beverley Craven

29. Which Tony Di Bart No. 1 hit from 1994 is the name of a group?

The Real Thing

30. Which All Saints No. 1 was a cover of a 70s hit for Labelle?

Lady Marmalade

90s Music Quiz: Round 4

31. Who sang about “Saturday Night” in 1994?


32. What did Kylie Minogue have on her “Pillow” in 1990?


33. What goes after Meat Loaf’s “I Would Do Anything for Love”?

“But I Won’t Do That”

34. Which soundtrack was a top-selling 1992 album in the UK and the US?

The Bodyguard

35. Which ’91 chart-toppers share a name with an instrument of torture?

Iron Maiden

36. Which band included Siobhan Fahey and Marcella Detroit?

Shakespear’s Sister

37. Which ’94 chart-topper was written by the Troggs’ Reg Presley?

“Love is All Around”

38. Who were Baby, Posh, Scary, Ginger and Sporty?

The Spice Girls

39. Who had the album Automatic for the People?


40. Who was Take That’s usual lead vocalist?

Gary Barlow

Round 5

41. Which No. 1 artist was the creation of the TV producer Mike Leggo?

Mr Blobby

42. Whose first No. 1 was “End of the Road”?

Boyz II Men

43. What was Boyzone’s first chart hit?

“Love Me for a Reason”

44. Which superstar did Bobby Brown marry in 1992?

Whitney Houston

45. Who had the bestselling album Blue is the Colour?

The Beautiful South

46. What was the Dunblane single called?

“Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”

47. Which veteran band released “Voodoo Lounge” in 1994?

The Rolling Stones

48. Whose 1994 Greatest Hits album was called End of Part One?

Wet Wet Wet

49. Which band included the bass player Paul McGuigan?


50. What was reported in the press as “Cliffstock”?

Cliff Richard’s impromptu singing during rain at Wimbledon tennis


This UK 90s music quiz is a great way to test your knowledge of the decade, but it’s also an opportunity for you to share in some nostalgia. Plus, you can also grab your friends and family members, get them involved in this game, and see if they can answer these questions better than you can. You’ll be surprised by what kind of memories are brought up during the course of play.


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