Classical Music Quiz

By Claire

Test your knowledge on this classical music quiz with answers. The questions are divided into five different rounds for ten questions each. Have fun!

Classical Music Quiz Questions: Round 1

1. Who was Britten’s Simple Symphony written for?

Young People

2. Which Gilbert and Sullivan opera has the subtitle “Flowers of Progress”?

Utopia Limited

3. Who wrote the tone poem “Tintagel”?

Sir Arnold Bax

4. Which work provided Anthony Minghella with his operatic directorial debut?

Madame Butterfly

5. Which American folk hero is the title of a ballet by Aaron Copland?

Billy the Kid

6. What is Debussy’s dreamlike music often called?

Musical impressionism

7. What type of work is Elgar’s “Dream of Gerontius”?


8. Which honorary degree was Haydn receiving when his Oxford Symphony was first performed?


9. Which modern English composer wrote the opera “Punch and Judy”?

Harrison Birtwhistle

10. Which two Russian revolutions does Shostakovich commemorate in his 11th and 12th symphonies?

1905, 1917

Round 2

11. What is the “joke” which gives Haydn’s String Quartet in E flat its name?

Several false endings

12. Which Soviet republic did Khachaturian come from?


13. For which musical instrument were Liszt’s “Liebesträume” written?


14. How many major symphonies did Mahler write?


15. What was Mussorgsky’s first name?


16. Including interval time, how long does a performance of Richard Wagner’s “Götterdämmerung” last?

Six hours

17. Which rival of Mozart has been accused, falsely, of poisoning him?

Antonio Salieri

18. Who wrote “The Snow Maiden” and “The Golden Cockerel”?


19. What is the “Miracle” that gave Haydn’s Symphony No 96 its name?

Chandelier said to have fallen, but injured no one

20. What were Johann Stamit’z “Mannheim rockets”?

Brilliant scale passages

Round 3

21. During which part of Handel’s “Messiah” does the audience stand?

Hallelujah Chorus

22. “Morning” comes from which piece of music by Grieg?

Peer Gynt

23. Which music by Wagner was used as the theme for Apocalypse Now?

Ride of the Valkyries

24. What was the nationality of Bela Bartok who died at the end of World War II?


25. Rachmaninov wrote a “Rhapsody” on whose theme?


26. What type of work is Pelleas and Melisande by Debussy?


27. Which religious song about Jerusalem begins “Last night I lay a sleeping”?

The Holy City

28. Dvorak’s famous Symphony No 9 is called what?

From the New World

29. Mendelssohn’s “Fingal’s Cave” is from which Overture?


30. About which romantic pair did Berlioz write a symphony?

Romeo & Juliet

Classical Music Quiz: Round 4

31. “Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes” comes from which Gilbert & Sullivan opera?

The Gondoliers

32. Which birthplace of Handel shares its name with a Manchester-based orchestra?


33. Rodrigo’s Concerto d’Aranjuez is played on which psalm?


34. Chopin wrote music almost exclusively for which musical instrument?


35. The music “Crimond” is usually sung to whish psalm?

23, The Lord’s My Shepherd

36. What range of voice did Kathleen Ferrier have?


37. Which Gilbert & Sullivan opera is set in the Tower of London?

Yeomen of the Guard

38. Which of Beethoven’s Symphonies is the “Choral Symphony”?


39. “One Fine Day” comes from which Puccini opera?

Madame Butterfly

40. Which words were put to Elgar’s “Pomp and Circumstance March No 1 in D Major?

Land of Hope and Glory

Round 5

41. What type of work by Beethoven has the title “Moonlight”?


42. “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” is from which Tchaikovsky ballet?


43. Which Handel composition about anointing Solomon King is sung at English coronations?

Zadok the Priest

44. “Nimrod” is from which Elgar composition?

Enigma Variations

45. In which English county was Sir Harrison Birtwistle born?


46. Where was Rossini’s famous “Barber” from?


47. Which aria can be translated as “None Shall Sleep”?

Nessun Dorma

48. What type of voice normally sings “O for the Wings of a Dove”?

(Boy) Soprano

49. How is Bizet’s Les Pecheurs de Perles also known?

The Pearl Fishers

50. What goes with “Peasant” in the Overture by Suppe?



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