Fish Quiz

By Claire

Dive into the depths of aquatic knowledge with our Fish Quiz Questions and Answers – an immersive exploration of the finned wonders that inhabit our oceans, rivers, and lakes.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a curious novice, this quiz promises to reel you in with a range of piscine queries, from the familiar to the fascinating.

Get ready to test your fishy facts and discover the secrets swimming beneath the surface in this engaging quiz adventure.

Fish Quiz Questions: Round 1

1. Where is a fish’s caudal fin?

The tail

2. What colour are the spots on a plaice?


3. What sort of fish is a skipjack?


4. Which family does the anchovy belong to?


5. Caviare is which part of the sturgeon?


6. Tinca tinca is the Latin name of which fish?


7. Alevin and parr are stages in the development of which fish?


8. What is the world’s largest fish?

Whale shark

9. What is a young pilchard called?


10. What colour is a live lobster?


11. From which part of the cod is beneficial oil produced?


12. The minnow is the smallest member of which family?


13. What is pisiculture?

Fish rearing

14. Which fish has been nicknamed “tin plate”?

Silver bream

15. What is a buckie another name for?


Fish Questions: Round 2

fish pub quiz questions

16. What sort of fish is a dogfish?

Small shark

17. What is a dogfish called when it is bought for food?

Rock salmon

18. Which type of crab lives in hollow objects such as snail shells?

Hermit crab

19. Where is a fish’s dorsal fin?

On its back

20. Which fish has the varieties brown, sea or rainbow?


21. How many arms does a squid have?


22. Who wrote The Compleat Angler?

Izaak Walton

23. Founder is a common name for which type of fish?


24. What are brisling also called?


25. Where would you find barbels on a fish?

Round its mouth

26. What starts an oyster developing a pearl in its shell?

A grain of sand

27. Which fish has the same name as an early infantry weapon?


28. Which fish is also called goatfish or surmullet?

Red mullet

29. What is another name for the common European sole?

Dover sole

30. What is a geoduck?


As we cast the final line on our Fish Quiz Questions and Answers journey, we hope you’ve enjoyed the deep dive into the diverse world of aquatic wonders. Whether you surfaced as a fish trivia master or uncovered new facts about these captivating creatures, we salute your curiosity and passion for the underwater realm.

Remember, the oceans of knowledge are vast, and there’s always more to explore. Whether you’re angling for fun or angling for knowledge, we hope this quiz has made a splash in your appreciation for the finned inhabitants of our planet.

Keep the spirit of exploration alive, and who knows, the next time you encounter a fish, you might see it with newfound appreciation. Until our next quiz adventure, stay hooked on the wonders of the underwater world!

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