100 TV Questions

By Claire

Welcome to our ultimate TV quiz! Dive into five distinct rounds—Who’s Who, Sitcoms, TV Times, TV Gold, and TV Ads—each featuring 20 TV quiz questions to challenge your small-screen knowledge.

Whether you’re a TV buff or a casual viewer, get ready for a thrilling journey through iconic characters, classic sitcoms, timelines of beloved series, timeless TV gold, and memorable commercials. Ready to test your small screen savvy? Let the TV quiz festivities begin!

TV Quiz Round 1: Who’s Who?

1. Who presented “Crimewatch UK” with Nick Ross prior to Jill Dando?

Sue Cook

2. Which “EastEnders” character was played by veteran actor Ray Brooks?


3. Who is the priest played by Stephen Tomkinson in “Ballykissangel”?

Peter Clifford

4. Who replaced Botham and Beaumont on “A Question of Sport”?

Ally McCoist, John Parrott

5. Which Martin played Judge John Deed?


6. Who left “Blue Peter” to join the “Clothes Show” team?

Tim Vincent

7. Who is known as “Mr Trick Shot”?

John Virgo

8. Who starred as Blanco in “Porridge”?

David Jason

9. Which TV star’s first record release was “Extremis”?

Gillian Anderson

10. Who won “Celebrity Big Brother” at the start of 2006?

Chantell Houghton

11. Who were the stars of “A Close Shave”?

Wallace and Gromit

12. Who wrote “The Singing Detective” and “Pennis from Heaven”?

Dennis Potter

13. Which Agatha Christie sleuth was played by Geraldine McEwan?

Miss Marple

14. Who co-starred with Adam Faith in “Love Hurts”?

Zoe Wanamaker

15. Who is Anthea Turner’s TV presenter sister?

Wendy Turner

16. Who left “Peak Practice” for “Bliss”?

Simon Shepherd

17. Which female replaced Matthew Kelly as host of “Stars in Their Eyes”?

Cat Deeley

18. Who was known as the Green Goddess?

Diana Moran

19. Who first presented the weather on BBC’s “Breakfast Time”?

Francis Wilson

20. Who was known as the Galloping Gourmet?

Graham Kerr

Round 2: TV Sitcoms

tv sitcoms quiz questions and answers

21. Which Larry scripted “Seinfeld”?

Larry David

22. Which ministry did Jim Hacker run before he became PM?

Administrative Affairs

23. What are the names of Father Ted’s equally eccentric colleagues?

Dougal, Jack

24. What is the name of the Vicar of Dibley?

Geraldine Granger

25. Who had an incompetent personal assistant called Bubble?

Edina Monsoon

26. Which character does Chris Langham play in “The Thick of It”?

Hugh Abbot

27. What are the surnames of Will and Grace?

Truman and Adler

28. Who was the slave played by Frankie Howerd in “Up Pompeii”?


29. What are the Porter children called in “2 Point 4 Children”?

Jenny, David

30. Which 80s series took its name from a 50s Little Richard song title?

“Tutti Frutti”

31. Whose son-in-law was to him a “randy Scouse git”?

Alf Garnett

32. In “Ab Fab”, who was Edina’s bizarre secretary?


33. In which show did Dr Sheila Sabatini appear?

“Surgical Spirit”

34. What was Steptoe and Son’s horse called?


35. Which character did Ronnie Corbett play in “Sorry!”?

Timothy Lumsden

36. WHich US sitcom character was mother to Becky, Darlene and DJ?


37. Who is Ricky Gervais’s co-writer?

Stephen Merchant

38. What were Fletcher’s two first names in “Porridge”?

Norman Stanley

39. In “Birds of a Feather” what is Dorien’s husband called?


40. What is the TV news company called in “Drop the Dead Donkey”?


Round 3: TV Times

tv pub quiz questions

41. What is the first name of Kavanagh QC?


42. What was the BBC celebrity family history programme called?

“Who Do You Think You Are?”

43. Patrick Moore is famous for playing which musical instrument?


44. In which county was “Where the Heart Is” set?


45. Which TV show chronicled life in Wisteria Lane?

“Desperate Housewives”

46. In “EastEnders”, who was the child of Grant and Tiffany?


47. Whom did the Simpsons replace as TV’s longest-running cartoon family in 1997?

The Flintstones

48. What is the name of the infirmary in “Bramwell”?

The Thrift

49. Who played Jane Horrocks’s bossy mum in the Tesco ads?

Prunella Scales

50. Which female doctor succeeded Beth Glover in “Peak Practice”?

Erica Matthews

51. What is the fictional village where “Heartbeat” is set?


52. What is the profession of the chief characters in “This Life”?


53. Which actor is the son of Nigel Davenport and Maria Aitken?

Jack Davenport

54. Which role did Harry Enfield play in “Men Behaving Badly”?


55. What did the ARP warden call Mainwaring in “Dad’s Army”?


56. Which children’s TV character lives in Pontypandy?

Fireman Sam

57. Which detective has a dog called Snowy?

Tin Tin

58. Who is the comedienne mother of the actress Suzy Aitchison?

June Whitfield

59. In which decade was “Hi-De-Hi” first set?


60. Which comedian began his show with a shop-window illusion?

Harry Worth

TV Questions Round 4: TV Gold

tv questions and answers

61. What type of pet did Manuel adopt in “Fawlty Towers”?


62. Which future James Bond starred in “Our Friends in the North”?

Daniel Craig

63. What was Terry’s sister called in “The Likely Lads”?


64. Which series featured Benny, Judy, Trisha and Tucker when it began?

Grange Hill

65. Who was the third of “Take Three Girls” with Kate and Avril?


66. In what type of place was “Waiting for God” set?

Old people’s home

67. Who was Jim London in “Up the Elephant and Round the Castle”?

Jim Davidson

68. What relation was Hattie Jacques to Eric in their “Sykes and …” series?


69. What did Harold Steptoe always call his father?

“You dirty old man”

70. Which chat show was the “togmeister”?

Terry Wogan

71. What was the Richard O’Sullivan spin-off from “Man About the House”?

“Robin’s Nest”

72. In which decade were weather forecasters seen, rather than just heard on TV?


73. Daphne Manners and Hari Kumar were characters in which series?

“The Jewel in the Crown”

74. Jimmy Jewel and Hylda Baker were Eli and Nellie Pledge in which show?

“Nearest and Dearest”

75. Which TV family were headed by Herman and Lily?

The Munsters

76. Which veteran actress played the wife in “Meet the Wife”?

Thora Hird

77. In which classic did you find Blanco, Lukewarm and Gay Gordon?


78. What was Bernard Hedge’s nickname in “Please Sir”?


79. Who were the two stars of “Marriage Lines”?

Richard Briers, Prunella Scales

80. What was the surname of George and Mildred?


Round 5: TV ads

tv ads quiz

81. Who said, “Take it easy driving – the life you save might be mine”?

James Dean

82. What was suggested that you “Buy some for Lulu”?


83. How much did “1001” clean your carpet for?

Less than half a crown (25p)

84. What did Patsy Kensit advertise in her first TV ad?

Bird’s Eye frozen peas 

85. Pook’s “Blow the Wind” was used to advertise what?

Orange phone

86. Which programme was interrupted with the first commercial on UK TV?

“Channel Nine”

87. Who wrote “O Sole Mio”, which advertised Wall’s Cornetto?

Di Capua

88. Which brand of what featured in the first UK TV ad?

Gibbs SR Toothpaste

89. Who wrote “The Flight of the Bumble Bee”, which urged us to buy Black & Decker paint stripper?

Rimsky Korsakov

90. Whose watches were advertised to the music of Ramirez?


91. Which Bobby Hodgens and Siobhan Fahey song hit No. 1 after being used in a VW ad?

“Young at Heart”

92. Which Muddy Waters hit was reissued after it was used to advertise Levi’s?

“Mannish Boy”

93. Which Mozart opera helped to sell the Citroen ZX?

The Marriage of Figaro

94. Verdi’s “Dies Irae” was used to advertise which newspaper?


95. Who were the original jingle artists for the song that became “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”?

Hillside Singers

96. Georgie Fame’s “Get Away” started out as a jingle for what?


97. Jack Nicklaus advertised Spanish houses for which company?

Polaris World

98. In the BT “EastEnders” ad what was the late Arthur Fowler doing?

Working on his allotment

99. Whose music – the theme from “Raging Bull”- advertised Heineken Export?


100. Whose wines were trumpeted to Pachelbel’s “Canon in D Major”?


As the curtains fall on our TV trivia extravaganza, we hope you’ve enjoyed the journey through the small screen’s rich tapestry. Whether you aced the rounds of iconic characters, classic sitcoms, TV timelines, timeless TV gold, or memorable commercials, your small-screen savvy has been put to the test.

Thank you for joining us in this quiz adventure, and we look forward to challenging your TV knowledge again soon.

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