70s Music Quiz

By Claire

The 70s were a time of innovative music. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie and others all made their mark on society. But these are just some of the many artists that came out in this era – there are plenty more! Test your knowledge on these thirty 70s music quiz questions with answers.

70s Pop Music Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Which ’70s hit by the Osmonds gave Boyzone a hit in ’94?

“Love Me for a Reason”

2. Which Lieutenant’s only UK No. 1 hit was “Mouldy Old Dough”?


3. Who sang that she was “born in the wagon of a travelling show”?


4. “(Hey There) Lonely Girl” was the only UK hit for which vocalist?

Eddie Holman

5. Tony Orlando sang in which group that had a girl’s name?


6. The craze for streaking gave a No. 1 to which Ray?

Ray Stevens

7. Which part of the body was mentioned in the title of a Blondie hit?


8. Who were “Up The Junction” in 1979?


9. Which month links Pilot and part of a song title for Barbara Dickson?


10. Whose hits from 1970 include “Victoria” and “Apeman”?

The Kinks

Round 2

11. What was the number of ELO’s Overture in their first hit?


12. The No. 1 UK hit “Woodstock” was a one-hit-wonder for which group?

Matthews Southern Comfort

13. Who had a No. 1 single in 2006, but first charted with “The Show Must Go On”?

Leo Sayer

14. Which Elton John ’70s hit with a two-word title returned to the Top Ten in 2002?

“Your Song”

15. What links Terry Wogan and the Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band?

“The Floral Dance”

16. “Loving You” was a high-pitched No. 2 UK hit for which female singer?

Minnie Riperton

17. Which group had a No. 1 UK hit with “Sad Sweet Dreamer”?

Sweet Sensation

18. Who wanted to be taken to the Mardi Gras?

Paul Simon

19. Which 1971 Supremes hit was later a hit for Bananarama?

“Nathan Jones”

20. Who had hits with “Bang Bang” and “Knocked It Off” in 1979?

B A Robertson

Round 3

21. The 1979 No. 6 hit “Since You’ve Been Gone” was a hit for whom?


22. Which US city was named twice in a Gerard Kenny hit from 1978?

New York

23. Whom did Cliff Richard say “Hello” to when he said, “Goodbye to Sam”?


24. In which song does the chorus begs, “Tell me more”, tell me more!”?

“Summer Nights”

25. Which group had hits in the 70s with “Easy”, “Still” and “Sail On”?

The Commodores

26. What was on the other side of Boney M’s “Brown Girl in the Ring”?

Rivers of Babylon

27. What time was Gladys Knight’s train leaving for Georgia?


28. Which Mungo Jerry hit was used in an anti-drink-drive campaign?

“In the Summertime”

29. Which disco-style singer had the word “Love” in the title of four of her first five Top Ten hits?

Donna Summer

30. Which No. 1 from 1972 was the theme for the Van Der Valk series?

“Eye Level”

The 70s music quiz is now over. Thanks for taking the time to play! Can you believe that it’s been 40 years since this decade? We may not be able to go back in time, but we can still enjoy some of our favourite songs from 1970-1979 online today. If you enjoyed the quiz or have any suggestions for new topics, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.