Hi and thanks for stopping by!

I’m Claire and I’ve always been into quizzing. We (used to) regularly play quizzes during my spinning classes at the gym, and I’ve been lucky to be given pub quiz question writing projects over the last few years by different events.

My main project online is this website which offers free quizzes. It’s a labour of love that takes up a lot of my time but I really love sharing the quizzes with everyone!

I’m not sure if you’re here because you want to find your way around or because you want to sign up. If it’s the latter, please do get in touch! I need more friends. But don’t worry – I won’t push myself upon you. Let me know what kind of quizzes you want to play, what you’re into and I’ll be flexible.

If it’s the former, then hopefully you can find what you’re looking for over in the navigation bar above! If not, just give me a shout.

Thanks again for visiting!