Birds Quiz

By Claire

Embark on a feathered adventure with our Birds Quiz Questions and Answers! Whether you’re a seasoned birder or just spreading your wings, this quiz will test your avian knowledge.

From songbirds to soaring raptors, get ready to explore the fascinating world of birds in an engaging and educational journey of questions that will ruffle your feathers and leave you chirping for more.

Bird Quiz Questions: Round 1

1. What bird flu was first detected in America, Asia or Europe?


2. What species of kite breeds in Britain?


3. What is the study of birds’ eggs called?


4. An exaltation is a group of which birds?


5. What would you see if there was a Turdus on your window sill?

A thrush

6. What colour are wild budgerigars?


7. A scapular on a bird is a type of what?


8. Which bird song sounds like chiff-chaff chiff-chaff?


9. Which bird is sacred in Peru?


10. What is the smallest British bird?


11. What type of birds are ratites?


12. Which bird group to mate and are shot in brace?


13. What name is given to a flock or gathering of crows?


14. What is special about the bones of most bids?

They are hollow

15. Which family of birds does the robin belong to?


Birds Questions: Round 2

birds pub quiz questions

16. Golden and argus are varieties of which bird?

The pheasant

17. Which of the senses is poorly developed in most birds?


18. What is special about a palmiped?

It has webbed feet

19. Which bird lays the largest egg?


20. What is the oldest known fossil bird?


21. What is the main food of the oyster catcher?


22. What is the shaft of a feather called?


23. Which extinct bird was last sighted in Mauritius?

The dodo

24. What does a syrinx help a bird to do?


25. Which three features distinguish birds from other creatures?

Beaks, feathers and wings

26. What name is given to a castrated cockerel?


27. What is the common name for all small birds of prey?


28. Which bird is the symbol of the RSPB?


29. What name is given to a flock or gathering of starlings?

A chattering

30. What is the main group in the family Phasianidae?


As we conclude our journey through the skies of avian knowledge with these Bird Quiz Questions and Answers, we hope you’ve enjoyed the flight.

Whether you soared through each question or encountered a few feathers in your path, we trust this quiz added a touch of winged wonder to your day. Keep your eyes to the sky, binoculars at the ready, and continue to explore the captivating realm of our feathered friends.

Until our next birdwatching adventure, may your curiosity always take flight!

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