70s Films Quiz

By Claire

Take a trip down memory lane with our 70s films quiz, a nostalgic journey through the transformative era of disco and cinematic brilliance. Challenge your knowledge and relive the magic of the ’70s silver screen.

Join us in this celebration of iconic characters and unforgettable stories that defined a groundbreaking decade in film. Dust off your memories and let the quiz transport you back to an era of creative expression and cultural shifts.

Are you ready to unlock the cinematic secrets of the disco era? Let the 70s movie quiz begin!

70s Films Quiz: 30 Questions

1. Which Wars were there in 1977?

Star Wars

2. Which 1972 film, with Marlon Brando, was about the Mafia?

The Godfather

3. What was Herbie?

A car

4. Which creature took a starring role in “Jaws”?

A shark

5. What Night was there Fever in the movie with John Travolta?


6. Who was versus Kramer in the Dustin Hoffman film?


7. Who is Clark Kent better known as?


8. Which bird’s nest did one fly over in 1975?


9. In which film did John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John sing “You’re the One That I Want”?


10. What kind of Close Encounters were there in 1977?


11. On which Egyptian river was there death in the Agatha Christie film?


12. Which boxer did Sylvester Stalone play?


13. Name the frog in The Mupper Movie.


14. Which bird of prey landed in the war movie based on Jack Higgins’ novel?


15. Which 1970s film about a giant ape was a remake of a 1933 movie?

King Kong

16. Which disaster movie was about a fire in the world’s tallest building?

Towering Inferno

17. Which film told of a mobile hospital in the Korean War?


18. Which fruit was Clockwork in the Stanley Kubrick film?


19. Which animal’s day was it in the film about an assassin based on the Frederick Forsyth novel?


20. What was the first name of gangster Malone?


21. Who starred in the western Every Which Way but Loose?

Clint Eastwood

22. What was forever in the James Bond movie?


23. What sort of Hunter was Robert de Niro in the film with Meryl Streep?


24. Where was Eddie Murphy a Cop in the film series?

Beverly Hills

25. Digby was the biggest what in the world?


26. Who starred with Paul Newman in The Sting?

Robert Redford

27. How were All Creatures described in the 1974 film about a vet?

Great and Small

28. When was Apocalypse in the 1979 film?

Paul Newman

29. Which planet features in the title of a 1979 Bond movie?

Charlton Heston

30. Which adventure was about a disaster on a luxury liner?

Ingmar Bergman

As we wrap up our brief exploration of ’70s cinema, we hope our 70s film quiz provided a moment of entertainment and perhaps a dash of nostalgia. Whether you breezed through the 70s movie quiz questions or found yourself stumped, we appreciate your journey into the bygone era of disco and cinematic innovation.

Feel free to continue exploring the films that shaped the ’70s, and stay tuned for more quizzes that may pique your cinematic curiosity. Until next time, happy quizzing and may the memories of the ’70s linger in your cinematic musings.

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