70 Sports Quiz Questions

By Claire

Are you ready to put your sports knowledge to the ultimate test?

From iconic moments to legendary players, our compilation of 70 sports quiz questions and answers promises to challenge even the most seasoned sports aficionados.

Whether you’re a casual fan or a trivia titan, lace up those thinking cleats and dive into a thrilling contest of wits and memories. Game on!

Sports Questions: Round 1

1. Which football team has the nickname ‘the Biscuitmen’?


2. What was remarkable about Olympic marathon winner Abebe Bikila?

He ran barefoot

3. Who won the Wimbledon singles title on his first and only attempt?

Bobby Riggs (1939)

4. In which sports do participants compete for Doggett’s Coat and Badge?

Rowing (or skulling)

5. Who became the youngest world heavyweight champion?

Mike Tyson

6. In which sport is ‘laundry’ a technical term?

Drag-racing (referring to the parachute deployed to reduce speed)

7. What number does the bingo call ‘two fat ladies’ refer to?


8. Which British driver finished third in his very first Formula One race in 2007?

Lewis Hamilton

9. Who, in 2006, emulated her mother by winning the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award?

Zara Philips

10. What colour is the centre of the target in archery?


Sports Quiz Questions: Round 2

11. Where were the 2004 Summer Olympics held?


12. Which British Formula One champion also has a world championship-winning father?

Damon Hill

13. What internationally played board game was invented by Alfred Butts in 1921?


14. What was the name of the schoolboy who in 1823 invented rugby when he picked up the ball and ran with it?

William Hebb Ellis

15. Modern winners in the Olympic Games receive gold medals, but what did they receive in classical times?

An olive wreath

16. Cricket has never been an Olympic sport – true or false?

False (England and France – the only teams that entered – played cricket in the Olympic Games of 1900: England won.)

17. Which modern sport was first marketed under the name Sphairistike?


18. Which major baseball star moved from the New York Yankees to the Boston Red Rox in 1921?

Babe Ruth

19. Who was the first black footballer to captain England?

Paul Ince

20. What was unusual about the Austrian tennis player Hans Redl, who played at Wimbledon from 1947 to 1956?

He had only one arm

Sports Movies: Round 3

sports questions with answers

Identify the sports and games that feature in the films listed below:

21. Rush – 2013

Motor racing

22. Moneyball – 2011


23. Seabiscuit – 2003

Horse racing

24. Cinderella Man – 2005


25. Cool Runnings – 1993


26. Kingpin – 1996

Ten-pin bowling

27. The Legend of Bagger Vance – 2000


28. Invictus – 2009

Rugby union

29. Slap Shot – 1977

Ice hockey

30. The Color of Money – 1986


Round 4

31. Which country has ice hockey as its national sport?


32. Alongside the British Open, US Open and US Masters, which other tournament makes up golf’s Grand Slam?


33. How heavy does a professional heavyweight boxer have to be – 86 kilograms, 96 kilograms or 106 kilograms?

86 kg

34. In Monopoly, what colour is the Strand?


35. Which two sporting pursuits does the biathlon combine?

Skiing and shooting

36. Which construction toy was invented by Frank Hornby in 1900?


37. How many penalty points does a show jumper get if he or she falls off the horse?


38. Who lost to Virginia Wade in the 1977 women’s singles final?

Betty Stove

39. In which sport are a foil and an epee used?


40. By what royal nickname was German footballer Franz Beckenbauer known?

The Kaiser

Round 5

sports questions and answers

41. In which sport you might use a niblick?


42. Who enjoyed Olympic success on Goodwill?

Princess Anne

43. Which England cricketer and Arsenal footballer appeared in advertisements for Brylcreem?

Denis Compton

44. Who, in 1995, scored the first official maximum break in snooker?

Joe Davis

45. Which Olympic gymnast recorded a perfect score in 1976?

Nadia Comaneci

46. In which year was there no winner of the Grand National?

1993 (the race was declared void)

47. How many Formula One world championships did Stirling Moss win?


48. In which century was the jigsaw puzzle invented – the seventeenth century, the eighteenth century or the nineteenth century?

The eighteenth century

49. What is the maximum score in a ten-pin bowling game?


50. How long does an American football match last?

One hour

Round 6

51. In football, who holds the record for the most England caps?

Peter Shilton – with 125

52. Who directed the film Chariots of Fire?

David Puttnam

53. Which British golfer was the first to win the US Masters?

Sandy Lyle

54. Who captained the England cricket team when it suffered a five-nil whitewash against Australia in 2006, its worst defeat in the Ashes since 1921?

Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff

55. In 1983, which Second Division football team decided to sell all its players?


56. Which World Heavyweight boxing champion is believed to have died from a heroin overdose in 1970?

Sonny Liston

57. Which country has hosted the modern Summer Olympics the most times?

The USA (four times)

58. In which athletic event does Ashia Hansen specialise?

The triple jump

59. Which batsman retired with a record test average of 99.4 runs?

Sir Donald Bradman

60. Which motor-racing circuit has been home to the British Formula One Grand Prix since 1987?


Sports Movies Quiz: Round 7

sports pub quiz questions and answers

Another round of Identifying the sports and games that feature in the films listed below.

61. Pumping Iron – 1977


62. Any Given Sunday – 1999

American football

63. Match Point – 2005


64. Rounders – 1998


65. Fire in Babylon – 2010


66. Big Wednesday – 1978


67. The Luzhin Defence – 2000


68. Dogtown and Z Boys’ – 2001


69. Breaking Away – 1979


70. The Sporting Life – 1963

Rugby League


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